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“It Gets Better”…at Edelman

Most every day I get up, come to work, and find I’m challenged, valued and rewarded.  I love my job and in that regard, I consider myself as pretty darn lucky.  But my luck does not stop there…because what makes this place so special and different is somehow those things are not enough.  You see, at Edelman when you see an opening to make a difference in the world, you are empowered to go for it…and that’s just what our work on the firm’s It Gets Better video submission was all about.

The Message

A group of us wondered out loud about embarking on a projec…

Great Stories Matter with StoryLab

This post was originally published on Edelman Canada’s Ideas blog.

Robyn Adelson recently talked about Edelman Toronto’s first-ever StoryLab – a day-long workshop to celebrate the art of storytelling.

Given our focus on transmedia storytelling, we wanted to inspire our employees to start telling stories differently. Here’s my take on the day and why it was so important.

Howdy, Edelman!

Howdy, Edelman!

Through the greater part of the past twelve years, I have been blessed with many a brand’s confidence to provide guidance in navigating the evolving realities of digital media and social experiences.  The past eighteen months at 44Doors has given me the opportunity to focus specifically on mobile solutions for brands and agencies, integrating everything from traditional to digital, offline to online, advertising to customer service. Today, I am honored to announce that I will be joining Edelman as Senior Vice President of Mobile Strategy.

The Edel…

In Which Brands Enter Quora and Formspring

This post originally appeared on Zach Cole’s blog  at ZachCole.com.

Along with the proliferation of social media channels to manage came the inevitable rise of social media customer service/support. Tired of recycled call centers and roundabout hold music loops, consumers took their questions and support issues to social channels – Twitter, Facebook – because community managers were often able to provide quicker answers. This is natural behavior from consumers, as they are simply seeking the path of least resistance (or rather, the path of least annoyance).

But from t…

Optimizing Your Brand’s Google+ Page for Search Engines

The following article is Part 1 in a two part series exploring the optimization strategies for branded pages on Google+. Part 2 will analyze the implications Google+ brings when it comes to brand visibility next week.

Google’s getting to know you better. Rolling out a slew of social-focused capabilities over the past year, the launch of Search Plus Your World, an indexing of Facebook comments and the growing rumble surrounding Google+, Google has made its desire to find deeper roots in social well-known.

Not surprising, Google appears to be somewhat favoring its own netw…

Friday 5: How Social Media Works in Japan

Japan is slowly coming around to a more open style of social media, where brands tell a story and invite contribution from the community. As ever, success involves carefully balancing the western approach with content that resonates locally. Here are five important points about the Japanese market.

1. International Platforms Are Growing Rapidly

It’s well documented that both Facebook and Twitter belatedly became relevant to Japan, following the earthquake of March 2011. As you can see from the chart below,…

Want to Get Better at Social Media? Ask “Why?”

This post was originally published on Dave Fleet’s blog DaveFleet.com.

Social media practitioners: want to get better at your job? Learn one word:


Used well, asking “why?” can help you get to the bottom of almost any problem, push your colleagues to explore new options, and force a new level of honesty in decision making.

The Social Media Strategist

I’ve just started reading Christopher Barger‘s book The Social Media Strategist (side note: only a few pages in and I already like it), and one particular section s…

How to Add More Value to Your Outreach Proposition

This post was originally published on Ben Cotton’s blog Social Web Thing.

As both a PR and blogger, I often spent time thinking how value can be added to outreach, and be done in such a way that it benefits all parties and achieves the desired earned media for clients.

The reason is that I often receive emails about an ‘awesome infographic’, ‘innovative Facebook app’ or ‘exciting product launch’ which have limited value to me or my readers. Most of the time there’s nothing wrong per se with the outreach, but equally there is nothing right that compels me to…

Sports are Must-See Social TV

For sports fans in the digital age, one screen just isn’t enough.

As the ever-evolving phenomenon known as “social TV” continues to explode, progressive teams, leagues, networks and sponsors are leveraging the use of fans’ second, third and fourth screens to enhance the viewing experience and make it more interactive for all parties.

The audience certainly seems ripe for interaction. According to recent Nielsen research, 88 percent of U.S. tablet owners and 86 percent of U.S. smartphone owners said they used their device at least once while watching TV during a 30-…

Own The Data, Own The Future

This post was originally published on David Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion.

Now that some of the dust is settling around Facebook’s massive acquisition of Instagram this past week, we can all take a step back and think about the bigger picture. Yes, Facebook understands the critical role mobile will play in how billions of people interact and communicate but they also understand that interactions, engagement, consumption or whatever you want to call it generates one thing.


Facebook wants it. Google wants it. And all businesses will want to understand it. Ther…

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